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Three Hidden Treasures Of Missouri That You Need To See Today

As you wander around this beautiful state known as Missouri, you may be trying to find something fun and unique to do today. In fact, there are so many things to see and do around the state you may be unsure what to do first. We decided to create a short and simple guide that will show you some of those hidden treasures that you might otherwise not see or hear about. Regardless of what you choose to see or do, we guarantee you are going to love it!

One of the very first places you are going to want to put on your agenda for the day is a visit to the Boathenge located at 11301 South Smith Hatchery Road Columbia. I am sure you have heard about Stonehenge, this is going to beat it 100 times over! Think of Stonehenge only in smaller terms and with a more nautical feel to it...

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