the Ghosts 1996-2007
Brett Winston: Guitar vox
Doug Campbell: Guitar
Jason White: Drums
Matt Fuller/John Luttrell/Paul Noe/Bill Ardison: Bass

The Ghosts had a single focus: to play bar rock to drunks. Many liters of Jack later it is believed they achieved that goal. Some people called the Ghosts "Lounge Americana" while some called it reminiscent of pre-psychedelic rock.  Many clubs promoters and labels never called the Ghosts at all.

The Ghosts started out as "the Holy Ghosts" and played with a stripped down approach.  Tiny amps, a stand up bass and a single snare instead of a drum set was the usual gear at most shows. As the years went by they bought better, bigger and louder gear and the drummer adopted a full kit.  They dropped the "Holy" from the name because they got tired of people thinking they were a religious band.

The Ghosts broke up over an argument over who was supposed to pay for brunch. Don't mention it around them because they are still sensitive about it.  The Ghosts recorded a few records but never promoted them in any meaningful way.  Some selections are free to download below.  In addition, their album, Revival, is available on iTunes.





  1. Half Way There
  2. Hellride
  3. Landslide
  4. Noah
  5. One Lane Love
  6. Predictable
  7. Runaway
  8. Sand
  9. You Right
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