the St. James Sessions


The St. James sessions of 1929-30 are a rare window onto a fertile time and place in the history of American popular music. The 1920s saw the dawn of music on the radio, and improvements to recording technology that saw the introduction of mass-market recordings of popular music. And the Roaring 20s was accompanied by a surprisingly worldly stew of folk music, blues, show tunes, jazz, Hawaiian, and vaudeville novelties that all played a part in the evolution of what we now know as popular music. continue

This page courtesy of Tennessee Archives of Moving Images and Sound, Jack Neely and Metropulse, Bill Landry and WBIR, and the late Charles Wolfe.     


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Episode of the Heartland Series on WBIR by Bill Landry

Metropulse Article by Jack Neely, 2005

Metropulse Article by Jack Neely, 1997
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"Early Country Music in Knoxville", Charles Wolfe, 1974
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"The Tennessee Ramblers: Ramblin' On", Charles Wolfe, 1974.
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City directory page
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